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BA28 and BA28 Mobile App

The BA Mobile app is used to access the following additional functions:

1. Automatic Feedback Eliminator (AFE) in Mic/Inst. Channels 1&2

2. Compressor on/off in Mic/Inst. Channels 1&2

3. Guitar channel effect selection (Noise Gate, Overdrive/ Distortion, Tremolo/Chorus/Flanger)

4. Guitar channel Celestion IR Mode selection (Greenback/Blue/Gold)

5. Pre/Post-Fader Mode of Aux output

6. Speaker selection
or application (Wedge, Sit/Pole Stand, with or without Reverb, playing instruments)

Simply download the BA28 Control App to your device of choice, switch on bluetooth, and press “connect” on the app.  An “online” indicator will be displayed once the two are connected via Bluetooth.  The mobile app can then be used to remotely control the detailed setting adjustments on the BA28.  First Time Connection would typically take up to 20 seconds.

BA28 Bluetooth Streaming Audio

1. Activate bluetooth on your mobile device.
2. Press the pairing button for 2 seconds on the BA28, until the Blue LED starts flashing slowly.
3. Select ‘BA28 Busking System XXXX (serial number)’ in the bluetooth devices.

BA28 Control APP

“Value scaling” is a function tailored for busking musicians.  This can be done using the Fader function on the BA28 Remote Mobile app to avoid unwanted increases in volume when switching from one musician / profile to another and ensures a smooth transition between musicians when the volume setting is altered.

Yes, there are 9 user slots/scene memories available for easy saving and recalling of musician profile settings.

The “Input Source” selection is the type of input going into the selected channel to which the EQ and other settings can be set. Channels 1 and 2 are designed for either microphone or instrument inputs, while channel 3 (guitar channel) is mainly for electric or acoustic guitars.  Any instrument with a jack output can be connected to any of these 3 channels.

A 16-band notch filter Automatic Feedback Eliminator (AFE) system is an option installed in the Mic/Inst. Channel 1&2 of the BA28.  When selected, it quickly reacts to the input audio signal and eliminates unwanted feedback frequencies.


The two share the same channel in the mixer section of the BA28.  The audio signals going into the BT/Aux input channel are “stereo-summed” into the built-in mixer.  The AUX input will have priority if both channels are used at the same time.

Yes, a mixed stereo unbalanced audio signal can be sent via a 1/8” (3.5mm) mini jack AUX output to another BA28.  All input signals from the “master” BA28 unit are capable of being received by the “slave” BA28 unit from the AUX out (Line Level) of the master BA28.  Up
to a maximum of 3 speakers ( daisy-chain connections) is recommended to maintain low noise performance.

With “hot swap” functionality, battery packs can be replaced without interrupting any ongoing performances. 
A total run time of approximately 12 hours is assured with the two batteries.  Additional hot-swappable battery packs can be purchased to extend performance time without power outage.  Alternatively, external battery charges can also be purchased to allow charging of one battery pack while the other is in use.


An additional phantom power supply would be required to use the BA28 with a Condenser mic.

You can record your performance by connecting a 1/8” (3.5mm) mini jack into the AUX output of the BA28 to an audio recorder, or to an audio interface connected to a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software on your computer or mobile device.

Yes, BA28 is a rechargeable battery powered speaker with an 8” woofer and 60W output power.  It can easily adapt to multiple situations such as parties, presentations, street shows or Karaoke applications.  It also has a pole cup that can be mounted on an elevated speaker
stand for alternative positioning.

All 4 inputs can be used simultaneously: Mic/Inst. 1 + Mic/Inst.2 + Guitar + BT/AUX.  All 4 inputs accept line level inputs, so users have significant flexibility and connect to any audio signal of their choice.

Trouble Shooting

BA28 provides a XLR-TRS Jack combo input,which accepts both XLR or TRS balanced connections ,as well as TS unbalanced connections (such as instrument cables). An XLR-male to XLR-female cable is recommended when a microphone is used.A jack input can also apply
but the sound level will be lower than when using an XLR cable.