Quick Battery Charger

  • Quick Battery Charger

Quick Battery Charger

BA28 Quick Battery Charger allows you to charge your batteries 2 time quicker.

Your on-the-go music solution

BA28 is built with power and portability in mind. With a 60W 8” inch driver powered speaker, delivering a max SPL of 123db, BA28 is your most handy one stop amplifying solution.

Flexible connectivity & mixing options

There are 4 Inputs with built-in digital mixers: Mic/ Inst (1+2), Guitar, Bluetooth/Aux and 1 Stereo 3.5mm mini-jack AUX output. BA28 provides you a flexible solution that fits various scenarios.

Professional microphone vocal input

A 16-band notch filter Automatic Feedback Eliminator (AFE) system with compressor is installed in both Channels 1 &2 of the BA28, which quickly reacts to the audio signal and eliminates unwanted frequency and feedback.


BA28 is developed with the guitarists in mind. With a built-in IR selector (Greenback/Blue/Gold) that recreates the legendary tones of Celestion Speakers, coupled with an FX1 (Overdrive/ Distortion) and FX2 (Tremolo/ Chorus/ Flanger) with a Noise Gate, the BA28 ought to be the best busking solution in the market today.

A wide range of sound mixture

With built-in Reverbs in the Mic/Inst. (1& 2) and BT/AUX channels, plus 2-band EQ on ALL input channels, all signals would be blended naturally. Detailed tuning options are further available on the free mobile app (IOS/ Android).

Seamless connection with bluetooth

Bluetooth 5.0 Streaming and Aux input with Vocal Remover and Plus pitch Control provides flexibility to adapt to different situations, making sure nothing stops you from expressing your true self.

Full Features List

Celestion 8” Driver , 60W power, max SPL 123db
2 x Rechargeable , Hot-Swap Li-ion battery packs for 12 hours operation
Free App (IOS and Android) for full functional accessibility
4 inputs with built-in digital mixers; Mic/Inst. 1+2, Guitar and BT/AUX , 1 stereo 3.5mm mini-jack AUX output
Built-in 16-band notch filter Automatic Feedback Eliminator (AFE) and Compressor on Channels 1 & 2 (Mic/Inst.)
Celestion IR's to replicate the legendary tone of Celestion speakers. (Greenback/Blue/Gold)
Built-In FX1 (Overdrive/ Distortion) and FX2 (Tremolo/ Chorus/ Flanger) with Noise Gate on the Guitar channel
Bluetooth 5.0 Streaming and Aux input with Vocal Remover and Pitch Control.
With Built-in Reverb on Mic/Inst. (1& 2) and Guitar channels, plus 2-band EQ's on ALL input channels
9 User Scene Memories for easy saving and recalling musician's settings
Send (out) and Return (in) jack inputs for external guitar effects, adding multiple effects to the Guitar Channel
Footswitch jack input for easy Reverb mute accessibility
4 standby mode settings in mobile app: 20 mins/1 hour/2 hours and “Always On”


  • When would I need to use the Control App? What's the difference between the control app and the front panel?
  • The Front panel offers basic control to assure quick access and smooth operation, additional function and detailed setting can be access via the Control App.

  • How long do the batteries last and is there any way to extend it?
  • With 2 fully charged LI-ion battery pack, a total run time of approximately 12 hours is assured.

  • What are Celestion IRs and what are they for?
  • Celestion IRs (Impulse Responses) are highly accurate digital replicas of a selection of our legendary speakers. They allow quick and easy access to legendary tones as if the physical speakers are at your disposal.