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Celestion has been at the core of the rock and roll sound with a century of experience in loudspeaker design and development partnering with legendary musicians and groundbreaking artists.  

In early 1900’s, a new breed of hard rock musicians were on the rise. Cyril French and his three brothers were awakened by the soul of this music and took over a plating shop which became the origin of Celestion’s legend. To meet the demands of the hard rock music scene and the increasingly 'hot-rodded' amplifiers, Celestion set out to continuously develop and advance modern speakers capable of handling much more power and overdrive.


幾十年來,Celestion 揚聲器一直為音樂家們提供著完美的音色。從 1960 年代經典的 Celestion Blue 開始,Celestion 揚聲器以其緊實的低頻、柔和的中頻和出色的高頻喚起了豐滿的音樂定義,讓諸如 Brian May 和 Beatles 等標誌性人物成為有史以來最偉大的音樂家。為力求完美、進一步提供令人愉悅的聲音質感,Celestion 推出了 G12M Greenback ,通過對陶瓷磁體結構革命性的的使用,帶來更強勁、華麗的音色。

Vintage 30 是 Celestion 的聲音傳奇,它具有極其細緻和複雜的泛音、溫暖的低頻、飽滿圓潤如歌聲的中頻和精緻美妙的高頻。單獨用於展示手工接線精品功放的複雜性,或用於四重奏以呈現奇妙複雜的復古 3D crunch 音色,在包括 Slash、Steve Stevens 以及 Peter Frampton 等聲名顯赫的演奏家們數以千計的錄音當中,都少不了 Celestion 傳奇聲音的精彩呈現。

Pursing sound perfection

Powering Your Passion

通過不斷促成專業揚聲器和壓縮驅動器在技術方面的進步,自 20 世紀以來,C-Music 始終位於音樂史上的核心位置;它致力於為各類音樂人和演奏者——從結他手到鋼琴家——呈現完美的音質。不論您身在何處,C-Music 便攜的街頭表演音箱都會為您帶來 Celestion 經典而獨到的音色。

C-Music brings Celestion's classic and authentic tones anywhere you go with our on-the-go busking amplifiers. C-Music adopts Celestion's signature Impulse Response (IR) technology into our busking amplifier, which samples soundscape with professional microphones from the Celestion Cabinet for equipment and space analysis. The WAV audio output from the IR technology allows repeated usage and will elevate the voice of your guitar to a legendary Celestion tone. C-Music also brings Celestion’s G12M Greenback with Impulse Response technology into amplifiers, putting the legendary tone by Celestion’s highly recognized technology at your fingertips.

C-Music inherited from Celestion a strong mission to create music with seriousness and extreme competence to deliver excellent sound quality. And with a strong foundation of endless enthusiasm for music, C-Music is keen to build its reputation in delivering detailed tones and pitches. This sound excellence presented by C-Music polishes to perfection the messages and passion of musicians, as a media to link up music lovers all over the world.


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